From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 8 - September 1992


The Story of Excalibur

by Ulrich (L. Kin), Germany


(Ulrich went up to Cl. IV and OT III at Saint Hill England. After he left the CofS he did some work with Capt. Bill Robertson. At present he is the chief editor of VAP, a German publisher known for the

translated editions of such books as "The Hidden Story of Scientology" and "None Dare Call It Conspiracy", who currently - in the edition Scienterra - publishes L. Kin's trilogy on Scientology philosophy and tech in both German and English. Volume One, "Scn - More Than a Cult", and Volume 2 "Scn - A Handbook for use", are published, and Volume 3 "Scn - the Solo Levels" is planned for publication summer 1993.Ed.)


Some people think "Excalibur" is a book by LRH, which is true, others think it's a rundown by Capt. Bill Robertson, which is true as well. Then there is "Excalibur Revisited", a book by Geoffrey Filbert. And finally there is a group in Holland calling itself Excalibur Foundation. So apparently, there are many things covered by the same name.


This article, then, is about the rundown by Capt. Bill. It's about how it was worked out and why it came to be called this name. To do away with a possible misconception right from the start: Excalibur is not a new development within the general framework of Scientology like for example Dianasis; it's not an attempt to rephrase and rewrite the whole tech in an effort to conceal that Hubbard is its source, as for

example Serge Gerbode did it with his IRM. Excalibur simply is an auditing rundown to finish off OT III. It's an auditing method, no more, no less. That it was turned into an ideology by Bill and upheld

as such by Bill's supporters, the Ron's Orgs, is a group dramatization. It has nothing to do with the actual tech of the rundown itself but with the people administering it.


Telepathic Telexes


Anyway, here's the story: In 1981 Capt. Bill found that "the boss" had gone missing, so he got on his motorbike and travelled through the USA. He noticed things were pretty bad in the places he saw, wrote a report to the CofS top management which - naturally - got into the wrong hands as it went up the lines, and Bill was declared SP. Feeling that he had no supporters in the US he went to Europe.


Ten years earlier, in 1971, Capt. Bill had already been to Europe, helping to set up the orgs of Paris, Copenhagen and Munich. So in a way, he felt at home there. The first place he went to, was Madrid. He knew an ex-CofS public there, John Caban, from having seen him at Flag off and on. Bill arrived with not much more to his name than his clothes and his motorbike. John put him up in exchange for Bill redecorating John's new flat.


It was here, redecorating John's flat, painting a wall whilst standing on a ladder, that Bill's paintbrush stopped dead in midair as he received the first telepathic message from "the boss". He couldn't make sense of it to start with, yet with the phenomenon persisting he got off the ladder, took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote up what he was told. This went on for a few weeks. The resulting bundle of

telepathic telexes were called the "Sector Operations Bulletins" by Bill; they circulated widely throughout Europe, calling people "back to arms". Many followed the call, some even believed that Bill was in fact Ron. The Sector Ops Bulletins plus all sorts of added bits, like analysis, evaluations and predictions regarding Xenu's influence on the way the world was being run, came to finally be issued as the "Sector 9 Book" (sector nine being the administrative unit of this galaxy where the OT III incident is said to have taken place and where Earth is situated).


Capt. Bill gets going


As he didn't speak the language, Bill couldn't really make money in Madrid. Indeed, the number of ex-CofS public who spoke English and were interested in receiving auditing or C/Sing, was extremely limited since the CofS never had managed to get a foot in the door in Spain. So Bill tried to organize what he called OTC International. There was the 1983 OT conference in Marbella, there was a similar one the next year in Alicante. Old commlines were picked up again, lots of shoulders slapped, acquaintances renewed; there were thunderous announcements of mighty deeds yet waiting to be done, there was a general basking in the glory of future heroism. It was most satisfying. And, as is usually the case with noisy undertakings, precious little came off it.


Bill decided to go to Germany where the pickings seemed easier. After all, people are civilized there; they speak English. He arrived in Frankfurt in mid-1984, rallied people, and held fiery speeches. The

"Free Zone" was proclaimed. By the end of 1984 Bill had started delivering the tech. He had found an auditor to work with (me) and got down to C/Sing, delivering the OT levels and training up other auditors. He was a smashing success. People came knocking at his door from all over Europe, money started rolling in. Bill got himself a new bike.


Meanwhile, some courageous characters, ex-CofS staff from England, with a good portion of freebooting in their blood, had taken their old Sea Org uniforms out of the wardrobes, dusted them off, travelled to Copenhaguen pretending they were a tech mission from Flag, gained entry that way, seized the NOTs materials and got out again before anyone grasped what had happened. And within a few weeks, quite a number of C/Ses in the independent field found large brown envelopes in their letterboxes as they opened them in the morning. NOTs was now available outside the CofS.


Everybody who had completed OT III, wanted NOTs. New Era Dianetics for OTs. The magic rundown. The final revelation. The process to end all mysteries. The magic potion, the cure-all. Funny that some people should get cancer in the course of it and die. But never mind. Everybody wanted NOTs, and so did Bill. He found someone to co-audit it with (me), and sat down to study it. Three times through, like they did it on the Flag Ship in days gone by.


Studying it revealed that the whole thing didn't make sense. Firstly, it was incoherent with regard to authorship. You could tell by the style that some bits had obviously been sketched by Ron and elaborated by David Mayo who was then (at the time of the writing) Senior C/S International, some were freely written by Mayo himself, some and only a very few - were LRH originals. Technically, it was incoherent, too. Not a word of Dianetics. No running through incidents narratively or by chains. No apparent connection to OT III which NOTs was meant to finish off. All in all, a pretty cheap key-out solution that didn't get to the core of the matter at all. ("NOTs is OT III with its balls cut off", I heard someone say at St.Hill in 1978 when it came out.)


Bill was disgusted. After carefully taking off various layers of theetie-weetieness, he found under this veneer of obscure and contradictory ramblings what he considered Ron's true intention with this rundown: to free a being from the whole of the composite case, of the R6 bank. Equipped with those few data from the NOTs materials he considered stable and trustworthy, with his knowledge of the Power processes, his Class VIII C/S-training, and his understanding of OT III as it was run on the ship back in 69, Bill sat down to work out a program. The co-audit could begin. It was pretty wild both in terms of the sort of stuff one would find oneself exposed to, and in terms of TA-action. You could have fed electricity to all of Frankfurt for a whole year, had our E-meters been wired up with the power supply lines of that city.


The Ron's Orgs


This takes us to the middle of 1985. Successes and wins became unquestionable, certainly something to write home about. The person to do so was Maria Maloney, seasoned ex-CofS international registrar and now the 2D-associate of Captn. Bill. Let us not mention Maria's orthography, let's concentrate on the fact that she did pull people in. Lots. From all continents the CofS ever had set foot on. 1985 and 1986 were the years of training. "Ron's Orgs" were set up all over the world - one-man shows, usually, but it looked promising.


Amongst the first who came was Per Schittz of Copenhagen. He arrived with a sensible amount of scepticism, he left with VGIs (happy). The cricicism Bill held against NOTs was fully validated by Per who had been in one of the first NOTs courses run by Mayo personally. He said that all had "felt" the out-points rather than seen them, but then - the CofS never having been a great place for open discussions - they went along and did as they were told. At the time, Bill called his rundown Super- NOTs, Per - so as not to get into trouble with the CofS - changed it to Super-Seven ("Susi"). Finally, Bill came up with "Excalibur" in honor of the mysterious book Ron is said to have written in the 30's, where the suppression of Earth through extraterrestrial powers is described.


When Per mentioned Excalibur at the next OT Conference in Murten, Switzerland, Excalibur became the thing to do. The rest is history: due to Bill's superficial courseroom style (consisting of verbose lectures even when training mere beginners), due to his non- supervision of the auditors and C/Ses he trained, to his unwillingness or perhaps inability to administratively control the network he had set up, the Ron's Orgs came and went. Bill, always a man to consider himself being hunted by assassins, and never able to look after his money, withdrew to Andorra in the conviction he had found a safe place for the rest of his days. But he didn't have enough income for his upkeep and went to Paris.


Having taken "Simon Bolivar" (HCO Policy Letter of 12th February 1967, "The Responsibility of Leaders", Printed in "The Organization Executive Course", Volume 7, p. 349 in 1974 edition. Ed.) literally without ever grasping the real message of that Policy Letter, having lived all the mistakes enumerated in it, he died in Paris in 1991. His merits are that he re-instituted the Power Processes as a valuable auditing tool outside the actual level of Power, that he taught OT III in the spirit of 69, and first and foremost, that he re-established trust in LRH as a leader and in the cosmic dimensions of his mission.


Excalibur - a mere process


Why so much mentioning of Captn.Bill's career, why so much talk about the Ron's Orgs? Because they, initially, produced and spread the idea, and so some think that Excalibur were tied to Bill and his network. It isn't. It is being delivered by others as well, outside the Ron's Orgs, and sucessfully so. Not all who underwent Bill's training procedures went into a hypnotic trance and subsequently displayed the ideological features pertinent to the movement. These features, to repeat the opening statement, have no bearing on the technical aspects of Excalibur. It is a process, a set of process steps, and it addresses entities of any kind. Now that L.Kin's "More than a Cult?" (See insert in this magazine for details and availability. Ed.) has taken the lid off the "secret" of OT III, it is much easier to explain Excalibur in an open forum than before. Certainly, at the start of Excalibur the intention was to do away with the remaining OT III entities (or "body thetans") after the actual OT III processes had come to a flat point. In the CofS, the traditional remedy for this was an "intention booster" based on the old OT VII of pre-NOTs days, to be followed by OT III Expanded. Which still didn't do the job. The R6 bank proved to be more evasive than expected. NOTs was the next remedy in line, but only apparently so, as many of those who had done a good number of NOTs solo-auditing (up to 2000 hours) and who had officially attested to NOTs completion, still found things to audit on Excalibur. And only then, knowing they were through, they would attest. Excalibur proved to be a finer rake, and a tougher one, than anything known before - even in the rough and sketchy form it had in its beginning days. When applied to the post-OT III case, an organized structure of entities holding other entities in check, emerged. Bill called this the "body thetans' org board". And that it does exist became confirmed by too many cases independently of each other as to allow any doubts.


Excalibur was considerably smoothed out as one went along. In the course of time, it came to be used for all sorts of entities as one encountered them, even on Life Repairs. Still, Bill left it in a half- done state: good enough to work with, not good enough to cover all difficulties the bank would present. Bill's people, due to the same misunderstanding of "source is always right and final" which has wrecked the tech application of the CofS, didn't dare do anything about it. The man who finished the job appears to be L.Kin. As chief editor of VAP, the German publisher doing L.Kin's books, I had the

opportunity to read the manuscript of volume 3 of his Scientology trilogy, called "The Solo-Levels". Apart from shedding light on some oddities on the OT I-III band, it as well offers a useful and generally applicable development of Excalibur. I consider it quite satisfying that things aren't tied to single sources, like to the person of Captn. Bill in this case, but that others can come along and pick up the ball. Of course only as long as the general line of intention is being adhered to and the tech isn't twisted around.



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